Membership Application

We invite you to become a member of the Mesquite Club.

The Mesquite Club is composed of Day and Evening Members. Day meetings during our club year are the first three Fridays of the month. Business meetings are usually the second Friday and start at 1 p.m. At luncheon meetings social start at 11 a.m., with the luncheon at Noon. Tea meetings commence at 1 p.m. Evening meetings are the first and third Tuesdays of each month starting at 6 p.m.  

The active Club year is from September through May. All members are welcome to attend day or evening meetings as well as special speakers and special events, such as Community Service Fund Raisers and Ways and Means events. Events range from luncheons, Garden Tea, Holiday Luncheon, to a Holiday Craft Auction. Our meetings are diverse and fun. It improves the quality of your membership reaching out to make a difference, make new friends while supporting our community service projects. 

A newsletter is published ten times a year. Local visitors or guests are welcome to visit us for a meeting or special event. Membership dues are $100 per year, payable by June 1st. 

Our Clubhouse was designated a Historic Place by the City of Las Vegas in 2009. Built in 1961, it is zoned as if it were a Country Club. It is subject to fire inspections, liquor license and health department standards. Much renovation has been completed in the recent years which includes Beautification of the meeting room, office, powder rooms, kitchen flooring, a new parking lot as well as new kitchen appliances. With a city grant, a new air conditioning and heating system was installed in the fall of 2010. The security of the system has been upgraded in 2014.  

In 2008 a Neighborhood Outreach committee was established in an effort to "Be a Good Neighbor" with our fellow neighbors within the Southridge Neighborhood Homeowner's Association and businesses (neighborhood boundaries are East Sahara, 6th Street, Oakey and Maryland Parkway.) The partnership was created with the assistance of the City of Las Vegas Planning and Redevelopment offices. The Mesquite Club takes a positive role so that our neighbors will have a voice to work for the betterment of our surrounding community.  We invite you to join our party!

 Please return your completed application along with your dues to: 

Mesquite Club, Inc. Attention: Nancy Zangl P.O. Box 95662 Las Vegas, NV 89193.